Event Management

Event Management major overview

The SSHE Event Management course was developed to meet the ever-increasing demand for specialists in this area. The International Event Industry has an estimated 200 million people working in this dynamic field. Festivals, Sports Events, Music Concerts, Conferences, Exhibitions and Meetings are an economic and social driver for many companies, cities, regions and countries.

The course aims to provide our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to host any type of event, by planning and managing all the details and help them achieve event goals.
Students benefit from our faculty members event experience and courses that are specifically structured to meet the requirements of Event Management such as: Sponsorship, Event Conceptualization and Creation, Marketing, Finance and Operations.

Students who enroll and graduate in Event Management studies are embarking on a fast-paced and exciting career. Graduate students are sought after by companies around the Globe such as: UEFA, FIFA, IOC, FIBA and a variety of Event Companies.

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