Student F.A.Q

Does SSHE help students with Internships?

Yes, SSHE helps students with finding internships and gives consultations regarding the career related topics.

Does the school provide a Scholarship?

We provide partial scholarships, depending on academic background and achievements of the student. More information here

What is the Course Language?

All courses in SSHE are taught in English, except language courses.

When is the Deadline for applications?

Fall semester – June 30.

Spring semester – October 25.

Individual programs start at any point of the year.

How much would be my expenses per month?

Each student should have estimate around CHF 2,500 per month, which includes: apartment rent, insurances (health and apartment), food, and transportation, and entertainment. However, you should mind that expenses vary depending on each person.

Apartment rent can vary from CHF 700 – 3000;

Average bill in the restaurant is CHF 50;

Transportation around Montreux CHF 3.5 for 1h; CHF 8.6 for the whole day.

Will the school assist me with finding an apartment or a room?

Yes, the Business school provides a room in the dorm upon the availability (additional price from the tuitions). Otherwise, we provide options and contacts to choose from for an additional price. More information here

How do I get to SSHE campus from Geneva airport?

There are 2 ways to reach the campus from the airport:

  1. By train, which brings you to the train station of Montreux, which is 3 minutes’ walk to the school.
  2. By Taxi (But be reminded that taxi’s in Switzerland are a little bit costly, and depending on the number of suitcases and the timing of the arrival the prices will vary. Uber is around CHF200-250)

Are there any phone/bank arrangements available upon arrival?

The Swiss School of Higher Education provides full assistance in creating a comfortable life in Switzerland. We suggest different companies to use, their pros and cons. The final decision is up to the student.

All the banks, phone companies and other are 5 min walk from the school, therefore, you can do everything upon arrival.

What kind of activities can we have around the area?

Montreux is a traditional resort town on Lake Geneva. All year round it is full of different sport activities that everyone can do. Firstly, it is hiking. The town is surrounded by different mountains where you can climb or mountain hike exploring the amazing Swiss nature and vies. Winter is a perfect time to go skiing or snowboarding; summer is amazing to paraglide, swim in the lake, etc. Also, the city has an incredible history with its Chateau de Chillon, Freddie Mercury museum in Montreux, and many others around the area.

Additionally, each year there 2 big festivals going on in Montreux:

  1. Jazz festival (a second biggest Jazz festival in the world)
  2. Montreux Noel (one of the biggest X-mas markets in Switzerland).

Moreover, SSHE provides different excursions and industrial visits for the students (Vine Yards, Chocolate factories, Watch companies, etc.)

How can I travel around the country?

Montreux is a small town, where everything can be done just by walking, however, if you would like to travel around or outside the country there are many ways to do it. Firstly, infrastructure of Switzerland is highly developed, therefore it is a great and convenient tool to use. Additionally, there are many services to rent a car with a big variety and range of prices.

To travel long distance, you can always use train or plane.

Is medical insurance included in the tuition?

No, it is an additional cost from the tuitions. Per month the cost varies from CHF 60 – 150 depending on the package the student chooses.

Are there any administrative fees?

The admission fee is a non-refunded CHF 2000 fee which is included in the tuition but cannot be refunded in case of any interruption

Have any questions?

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