SSHE Institutional Learning Outcomes

Conceptualise through analytical reasoning
To understand and appreciate the value of frameworks and models that impact business performance and feed your own intellectual curiosity.

Apply a leadership and management perspective
To challenges and solutions through problem identification, change anticipation, seizing opportunities with an adaptative, flexible, reactive, creative and innovative attitude;
inspire others.

Confront proactively and constructively
To challenge status-quo;
to have the courage to bring disagreement into the open while fighting for ideas, not with people.

Build and energise talented teams
To energise others;
develop trust, understanding, excitement and alignment through diplomacy, leading by example and respect of others;
to communicate accurately and precisely verbally and in writing.

Enable strategic vision
To design and undertake substantial investigations to address global market trends and processes in order to develop and formulate meaningful strategies and courses of actions in multicultural and international settings.

Be always conscious of ethics, responsibility and sustainability
To understand and adhere to a better world for business through the materiality and relevance of the UN sustainable development goals.

Develop autonomy, self-confidence, initiative
To operate in a complex, unpredictable and/or specialized context;
to act with initiative in decision-making;
to request and access additional support when needed and accept full accountability for outcomes.