Admission for International Students

Please note, that due to the visa application processing, all non-EU citizens must apply 3 months prior the starting date of the semester.

Thus, student visa can be prepared on time and start of the desired program will not be interrupted by any delays.

In case your visa was declined, please check our refund policy.

Application for Swiss student visa

Depending on the country and Swiss Embassy from which the application is made, some minor changes in the requirements may occur.

Below is an example of the documents and/or information that is subject to being requested for each applicant in order to fulfill a complete Swiss student visa application.

  1. Detailed Current Curriculum Vitae (CV)

    This should clearly highlight any previous studies and any professional experience

  2. The ‘Admission letter’ from SSHE

  3. 1 page ‘Study Plan’ explaining your plans for studying at SSHE and your future degree intentions

  4. Completed Official visa and permit application documents from the state of Vaud (attached) – Official canton of Vaud visa or permit application form: FORM ‘M’ and FORM ‘E’

  5. Financial Proof with a Bank Statement / letter showing a minimum of an equivalent of CHF 30,000. — held in an internationally recognised bank / financial institute to show the student can support themselves here.

    Should the funds be financed by a third party, please enclose an official letter of guarantee by the third party

  6. 1 page ‘Motivation letter’ clearly explaining your reasons for choosing SSHE, Montreux and Switzerland

  7. 1 page ‘Return Statement’ that you will leave Switzerland and return to your country of origin after you have completed your intended studies

  8. Valid Passport

  9. 2 passport size photos

    Write your name on the back of each photo

  10. 1 page Proof of Address in Switzerland

More information about visa application can be found on the official website of Switzerland Department of Foreign Affairs.

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