About SSHE

About SSHE

SSHE is a private boutique business school with a young dynamic group that strives to provide quality education and combines already existing approaches with innovation.

SSHE is undaunted in bringing the necessary changes to the educational system by always considering the student’s needs first.

SSHE’s main goal is to provide quality education that combines practical and theoretical knowledge, and an individual approach for every single student.

Here, we believe that bad students simply do not exist. We retain the size of a boutique Business school, in which each class has up to 10 students. This allows the faculty and the administration to give full attention to each individual’s learning and development.

Start your story with us and begin your pathway to success at SSHE.

What makes SSHE stand out among other business schools?

Hybrid learning – development of competent future leaders and ready to start specialists is one of SSHE main vision statements and mission goals. One of the many ways how we practiced this vision is with the combination of on campus and online learning, where our students can benefit and learn from the current world globalization and technology challenge. In today’s business reality, it’s not unusual that the conference meeting is held simultaneously with different people around the world live daily or outsource employees working for a company situated in another continent. They all still working for the same purpose. The same aspect is implemented in hybrid learning – every student, whether they are on campus in Switzerland or anywhere else in the world get the same quality of education and get the firsthand experience about how business is now done on the global and digital scale. This reality and knowledge, that they get beginning in the classroom, they then can smoothly transition to their future workplace.

Small sizes of the school allow SSHE to track every current trend and adapt the program on the fly to meet the current market and industry demand. Consultations with industry specialists are made on constant basis, so students can feel safe that upon their graduation and following exploration of labor market they will have the best and most relevant skillset.

Real individual approach and coaching – boutique style approach gives opportunity to every student needs to be heard. As a result, everyone can get the best learning process and adapt it to it’s own pace. In SSHE we fully grasp that every student is a unique person, thus some of the classes might be more challenging than others. Via both extra coaching sessions from SSHE faculty members and mentorship program from our students (peer to peer support) every academic challenge can be overcome with dedication.

Open campus experience, location and safety.

The fact that SSHE provides small sizes of classrooms and dedicated to boutique-style approach, our campus concept can be described as open campus experience. This means that all additional facilities, that one might find in bigger educational institutions such as swimming pools, football fields, music halls and other nice student perks are in the 10 minutes proximity of school. These facilities, however, are not part of SSHE, but can be accessible by any person. Being in the center of Montreux has its own perks because students can enjoy music and other performances in 2M2C hall. Or have a refreshing swimming activity both indoors and in the Lac Léman. These and many other activities are open to public every day! With this said – SSHE is deeply integrated in the life of the city and every event, that is organized (by our administration or student body) \only winning from this synthesis.

Moreover, Montreux is very multicultural and young city, that attracts thousands of students from every part of the world annually, thanks to numerous other schools and universities in the area. Thus, specific facilities are open at your service (with new ones appearing every year, to accommodate different tastes). Young people who like clubbing will find that nightlife in Switzerland is a booming melting pot of different nationalities and cultures, while those who prefer to be active during daytime can enjoy countless sport areas (from swimming to basketball and base jumping).

Lastly, parents can feel confident and safe, knowing that their sending children to one of the safest countries in world. Switzerland always in tops of different world safety rankings, from low level of crime to health support. Moreover, Switzerland is considered as one of the best countries, when it comes to how it handled the COVID-19 crisis: the measures that were taken, health support and treatment of patients.

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