About SSHE!

About SSHE!

SSHE is a private university based in Switzerland – the heart of Europe’s luxury, finance and hospitality.

Our story began with group of young and dynamic faculty members gathering together to establish a truly unique educational experience that prepares industry professionals as well as inspires students to apply knowledge and skills, gained during their experience in successful startups and in their achievement of career goals in world’s leading companies.

Everything we do, we do with a heart full of passion for “Swiss-ness” across all aspects. We are proud to be a part of great Swiss heritage that we share with our students. We aspire to build our university mechanism like a Swiss watch.

Most of our aspirations comes from family and their traditions:

We value traditions and bring the best to modern educational world to create a unique study environment. We value families, because believe that they are the best support. At SSHE, we are one big family, where you will never feel like “home alone”, because at SSHE, you will never stay alone. At SSHE, we will gladly prepare breakfast for you; we will go out to lunches and dinners together; help you with accommodation, visa, transfers and etc, only to make you feel like at home, surrounded by your family and friends.

Watch is all about time.

Time is precious and we value it. SSHE offers individual programs of different length, depending on one’s needs, personal preferences and career goals.

Swiss watch famous for its quality.

We value quality, and most importantly the quality of life and its relationship with sustainable excellence. At SSHE, all courses are taught by experienced lecturers, who are opinion leaders in their particular fields. SSHE will form your studies with an ideal balance of theoretical and practical basis.

Swiss design is all about details.

We pay attention to details. SSHE will educate you to always stay creative; to think out of the box; to be accurate and perfect your work to the smallest detail. Just like a Swiss watch.

That’s how our story began. How will your story begin?

Most relevant specializations

Do you wish to explore the hospitality  industry and become more familiar with practices from Switzerland’s best service providers? Find out more about SSHE’s programs in Tourism and Hotel Management here!

Do you wish to open a new business and want to get skills and knowledge that can be applicable for your project? Then Startup Management program is for you. Find out more about the Start-up Management program here!

Do you wish to have a career in the fashion industry and learn how to manage the industry’s latest trends? Find out more about SSHE’s Fashion Management program here!

Do you wish to become one of the world’s leading international politics experts or pursue a career in diplomacy? Find out more about SSHE’s International Relations program here!

Are you keen to learn how to complete projects successfully with the most efficient way of using financial resources, time and engaging other people? This program will help to grasp knowledge on different managerial aspects.

Whether you are looking to work for a leading brand or wish to start your own company, this program will give you a needed skill-set to be an effective manager and start a career in the fashion and luxury industry.

The Event Management was designed to meet the increasing demand for specialists, who wish to develop their skills in managing, and planning events at the highest level. Find out more about the program here!

SSHE’s Oil and Gas Management program will prepare you for a management career in the oil and gas industry and provide insight into the complex structure of the current oil & gas industry affairs. Find out about the program here!

Do you want to be involved in international sport, or do you prefer the retail sporting goods industry? What about running fitness clubs or broadcasting in the sports media, if any of these areas of sport sound interesting to you, this program is right for you. Our Sport Management Program is specially developed for young professionals who wish to pursue a sports-related career.

Our Project Management program is specially designed to provide our students with the necessary tools and methodology to make sure that projects achieve their goals, are completed on time and within budget. This program gives the students everything necessary to successfully plan, initiate, execute, monitor and close a project.

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