Executive Master of Business Administration (E-MBA)

E-MBA program overview

Executive MBA is specially designed for the professionals who are already working in the industry and want to get more profound set of skills and learn from the leading specialists.

Course flow, process and logistics

The Swiss School of Higher Education (SSHE) Executive MBA centers along 3 blocks with 3 modules each, plus a minimum of 1 elective module. Each module consists of 3 classes with 8 hours in total.

Functional Business Leadership

Marketing and operations

Finance and accounting

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Leading People

High performance leadership

Leadership for engagement and culture change

Building on talent and their development

Leading Business Strategy

Understanding industry and business trends

Leading digital transformation

Leading complex organizations

Elective Module to Select Amongst

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate governance and compliance

Leading with big data

Current economics and politics impact on business and people

Own functional business experience self-assessment

Each module is preceded by a set of compulsory readings relevant to its subjects: the knowledge from the readings will be tested through an individual on-line questionnaire to be answered prior to the start of the module.

During the module, there will be at least one individual and group assignments.

At the end of the module, the knowledge will be tested through an individual online examination to be answered before the start of the next module.

Certificate of Advanced Studies

Although not entirely within the holistic spirit of the E-MBA, SSHE is accredited to grant Certificates of Advanced Studies.

Therefore, it is possible for students to select and attend only one block from the E-MBA and qualify for the Certificate.

The knowledge evaluation will follow the same principles as the full E-MBA learning process. No waivers, however, will be allowed.

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