Student Services

SSHE students have a free access to Perlego digital library, thanks to the academic partnership between the two institutions. Students may access not only various educational materials and books there, but also different other genres to broaden their view. The subscription is automatically renewed every year for all enrolled students.

Additionally, SSHE students benefit from SBB half price travel cards, that are included in their fees when they are enrolling. This card allows to get a 50% reduction on all public transport tickets within Switzerland.

Thanks to the partnership with SwissCare health insurance, all SSHE students can benefit from attractive prices to their academic healthcare plans and get the most informative consultation about what will suit them best. These services are provided for additional price and are not included in the final tuition fees cost.

When it comes to extra language support, SSHE has secured a partnership with Apladia Language school, which is situated in 5 minutes distance from the campus. This perk allows students to have an additional academic support when it comes to learning a new language: French or German. This can greatly increase the CV value of SSHE future graduate and allow access to more opportunities in the job market (both domestically and internationally). These services are provided for additional price and are not included in the final tuition fees cost.

Mentorship program for students by students

SSHE strives to maintain an atmosphere of constant support among students and it’s only natural that some of our learners are feeling ready enough to return that favor to others. Every semester, students make an initiative where each person can host a learning session (both individual and group) to enhance one’s skills in the specific subject. This greatly improves an academic journey for everybody. More information about this topic can be found through conversation with SSHE current main student ambassador.

International support center

The purpose of international support center in SSHE is to help students organize everything important upon their first-time arrival in Switzerland: visa and residency/immigration questions, accommodation search or how to set up a bank account / mobile operator contract. This is directly done by our administration personnel on ongoing basis, before and after your arrival, anytime you need it.

Extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities are for students to have fun whilst developing themselves and providing experiences that can help increase employability. The choice of activities is driven by the student body and can be funded by SSHE if required and if appropriate. Some previous activities can be found in our gallery here.

Due to the scale of SSHE and the ever-changing student demand, activities are organised on an ad-hoc basis and cannot be guaranteed each semester, however, please find below a list of activities that have been enjoyed regularly by our students in the past.

Most of these activities are either within walking distance from the campus or are easily accessible with public transport.


  • Beach volleyball
  • Swimming (lake or pool)
  • Fitness club
  • Jogging
  • Yoga
  • Skiing
  • Hiking

Local Culture & History

  • Wine tasting
  • French conversation
  • Chateau du Chillon
  • Montreux museum
  • Olympic museum
  • United Nations tour
  • Paddle steamer lake tour

Local major events

  • Montreux Jazz Festival
  • Montreux Christmas market
  • Montreux Holi Festival of Colours
  • Concerts at the 2m2c


  • SSHE student ambassador
  • SSHE student mentor
  • SSHE social activities organiser
  • Local event volunteers

Career counselling

When it comes to the career counselling SSHE has several perks that a student can benefit from. Every SSHE student has a course/seminar that is entirely dedicated to the «personal brand» and overall preparation for interview and job seeking as an integral part of the study plan. The skills that one develops from these courses are highly increasing the chance that background of this candidate will stand out among others during hiring process. Moreover, our faculty members will advise about strong and weak professional sides of each student resume and personality – with the goal to enhance and cultivate them in the right direction. Lastly, as internships being in built in the study plan of every SSHE BBA and MBA program, our career counselling does not end with just giving candidate proper tools. We understand every person needs and try our best to implement them during preliminary search of any available internship via our wide industry network that student may choose from. Student will not feel abandoned when it’s time to search for an internship – SSHE has already several variants for them ready, if their GPA throughout semesters was good enough. At the end, every person may be confident, that he will be placed in the most appropriate environment according to his background and SSHE will guide them on the journey from beginning to the initial internship confirmation

SSHE student ID benefits

With SSHE student ID card there are many reductions and special offers waiting for you, both locally and internationally. Swiss students with a proper ID card can expect a special price in almost everywhere: from cinema tickets and museums to restaurants and medical services. The only thing you need to do to be valid for such bonuses is being enrolled and valid SSHE student – card will be automatically issued to you during beginning of your first semester.

Students with learning difficulties

SSHE encourages applicants and students to inform as early as possible about any learning difficulties or support that they might need. In certain exceptional cases, this can also be done at any time during their studies. Students who commence study without notifying the SSHE do so at the risk that specific certain adjustments and support may not be provided in time. There are certain cases when applicant/student may not wish to declare their health status, however, we can only provide reasonable adjustments in best quality if we know they are required in advance. All support that will be organized by SSHE is done entirely on confidential basis and stays between the academic counsellor/examinators and the student. Types of additional support measures might include:

  1. additional time for formal examinations (25% extra time)
  2. oral examinations to supplement written examinations and to enable the student to clarify written work
  3. a reader during an exam who will read aloud the examination paper and questions
  4. Extra coaching sessions with the designated faculty member
  5. Intensive support of academic counsellor

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