Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) Major in Event Management

Program type:
Study mode:
Start dates:
September and February
6 semesters (3 Years)
180 ECTS
Accreditated by:
Degree Awarded:
Doctorate of Business Administration with a Major in Event Management

Degree Overview

The program of Doctorate of Business Administration allows students to deepen their knowledge in the studied specialisation by gaining both additional research methodologies and analysing practical cases in more detail. After completing the programs students can further develop their careers and target senior positions in Management.

The Doctorate in Event Management supports students in their choice to develop their careers in organizing different kinds of events. It provides students with additional instruments and methods that they will be able to integrate into practice in their workplaces. Such courses as Advanced Event planning, Planning and financial management for eventsAdvanced hospitality management and others will contribute vastly to students’ problem solving capabilities and will help them to find new opportunities for their jobs. The courses in Event Management specialisation are designed with the consideration of current world conflicts and environmental issues that future generations need to find solutions to.

Meet the teacher

Course Structure

Year 1 - Semester 1
  • Foundations of Doctoral Studies
  • Introduction to Doctoral Studies in Management
Year 1 - Semester 2
  • Dissertation Methodology and Literature Review
  • Data Analysis
  • Quantitative Research Methods
Year 2 - Semester 3
  • Research in Social Sciences
  • Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Qualitative Research Methods
Year 2 - Semester 4
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  • Doctoral Proposal
Year 3 - Semester 5
  • Research Design and Planning
  • International Events
Year 3 - Semester 6
  • Doctoral Seminar

After the successful completion of the course by the student an official graduation ceremony will be held where the Doctorate Degree Diploma awarded in Event Management will be given.

Exchange and Transfer Students

Students who would like to change universities with their credits intact need to present an official grade transcript followed by a seal and signature of the respective university. Enrolment is possible throughout the entire academic year, granted a prospective student has enough verified credits. SSHE follows the European curriculum of ECTS. However, other curriculums (American, British and etc.) are also accepted once all the grades have been verified.

Tuitions Fees

Registration fee2 000 CHF
First Year
1 Semester 8 000 CHF
2 Semester 10 000 CHF
Second Year
3 Semester 10 000 CHF
4 Semester 10 000 CHF
Third Year
5 Semester 10 000 CHF
6 Semester 10 000 CHF


Students with exceptional academic achievements could be awarded the SSHE Scholarship of Merit. It is important to note that the aforementioned scholarship covers the tuition fees only (accommodation, living and other expenses are not included). Students, who wish to receive partial scholarship of merit, must send their applications with a complete set of admission documents and state in separate letter the reason, why they need scholarship. Each case is examined on an individual basis.