After over 12 years innovating for two of the most renowned groups in the world, each leaders in their respective industry, Frederic Schaub – Fred – founded Lumax Digital to put his experience, creativity, and innovation energy to the benefit of clients globally.

Born, raised, and educated in Switzerland, Fred pursues hospitality management studies at Glion Institute of Higher Education and joins Marriott International immediately after graduating.

First on-property Sales in Paris, he rapidly takes on the responsibility of eCommerce for the hotels of the group in Paris, and then France, effectively doubling his portfolio of hotels under management. He is then invited to join Marriott International’s headquarters in Bethesda, MD, USA, where he led Global SEO for 14 in-language sites, leading an international team, located on every continent, further expanding the digital footprint of the company in markets globally and deepening his leadership skills and cultural understanding.

Fred completes his years at Marriott with the in-house digital marketing agency, Marriott Digital Services, where he built the global center of excellence.

This position had him responsible for building digital tactics enabling hotels around the world to market themselves to various source markets in a localized, relevant, innovative, efficient, and measurable way.

Going back to his hometown in Geneva, Switzerland, Fred joins Rolex, with again a mission to innovate and bring digital technology front and center in the organization, building a team to drive programs in Switzerland and globally.

Travelling the world to train international teams on new technologies, in multiple languages, Fred strengthened his multi-cultural perspective and global project management skills.

Creative, curious, driven, and putting people first, Fred has been designing and delivering workshops, trainings, and classes throughout his career since most of his roles were synonymous with change, requiring change management and training.

Passionate about Digital Marketing, Fred is thrilled to explain this fast-evolving and fascinating world to the students at SSHE, helping them gain a sold understanding of the practice, and be able to develop their own digital marketing strategies or actively contribute to them if necessary in their future professional opportunities.