Doctorate Program

Project Management

The program of Doctorate of Business Administration allows students to deepen their knowledge in the studied specialisation by gaining both additional research methodologies and analysing practical cases in more detail. After completing the programs students can further develop their careers and target senior positions in Management.

The Doctorate in Project Management program will provide students with additional instruments and methods that they will be able to integrate into practice in their workplaces. Such courses as Critical Thinking and Decision Making, Advanced Data Analysis, Strategic Leadership and others will contribute vastly to students’ problem solving capabilities and will help them to find new opportunities for their project development. The courses in Technology and Innovations Project Management are designed to keep the participants up-to-date with what is happening in the Global Markets; they will provoke new ideas and will urge students to welcome innovative thinking.

Language: English

Duration: 6 semesters

Start dates: October and February

Credits: 180 ECTS

Degree Awarded: Doctor of Business Administration in Project Management

Hours of Seminars


Here are some specialization courses you need to complete

Strategy in Organizations
Marketing Research
Data Analysis

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