Master Program

Master in Event Management

The Master program in Event Management helps students to implement project management skills to the planning and developments of different events, such as business conferences and meetings, festivals and shows, and others. The program provides students with many career options at higher levels as it combines a number of profound business disciplines, such as management, marketing, finance, business communication, business ethics and many others. In the end of the program students have to complete and internship, which will give them practical experience and shape their theoretical knowledge in the industry.

Language: English

Degree Awarded: Master of Arts in Event Management


Courses for Master of Arts in Management are divided into 3 main categories: Core courses (42 ECTS/11 courses) which are obligatory and Specialisation courses (12 ECTS/3 courses) which are introduced during the 2nd semester of the program and Seminars and Workshops (6 ECTS). In the end of the studies the student is obliged to prepare a Master Thesis (30 ECTS) OR complete an Internship* (30 ECTS).

Start dates: October and February (Candidates can apply for and join the individual program throughout the year)**

*The best students get the opportunity to do internship during the last semester of the program

**Credits can be transferred from your previous¬†University’s program ¬†

Program Details

hours of seminars


Here are some specialization courses you need to complete

Advanced Event Management
Planning and Financial Management for Events
Advanced Hospitality Management