Oil and Gas Management

Oil and Gas Management major overview

Our Oil and Gas Management program will prepare you for a management career in the oil and gas industry. The combination between management and understanding of the oil and gas industries will give our students the necessary skills to succeed as a professional in the hydrocarbon energy sector.

The Bachelor in Oil & Gas Management program is designed to train students in all aspects of management, economics, law and technology for effective operation in oil & gas projects. Students will develop managerial skills and competencies, as well as gain an understanding of the various techniques and methodologies employed in the industry. Upon completion of the Bachelor, students will be ready to professionally pierce oil & gas projects on the international level.

The Master program in Oil & Gas Management will train students to meet challenges in the industry and become competent professionals able to understand and interpret the effects of policy changes, trade laws and global economics on the industry. The program focuses on essential skills for industry managers/professionals such as project and quality management, health and safety management and petroleum contracts and economics.

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