Dr. Madina Kukenova, Kazakh, has a Ph.D. in Economics, following a Master degree in Banking and Finance, both degrees obtained at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). Before that, she graduated as Master in Business Administration (from the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Research) following a BSc in Mathematics (from the Kazakh National State University). In between, Madina became a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Since her Ph.D., Madina Kukenova participated in several international projects with the World Bank, the International Trade Center and the Asian Development Bank. While in Kazakhstan, Madina started her professional career in financial analysis with an investment firm, an American joint-venture and a bank.

Over the last few years, Dr. Madina Kukenova entered an academic career with three private Swiss business schools. She teaches micro-economics, macro-economics, money and banking, international economics, international trade, financial analysis (preparation for CFA levels), portfolio management, economics and corporate finance. During her Ph.D. completion at the University of Lausanne, Madina was a teaching assistant at HEC amongst others in public finance, asset pricing, options and futures, fixed income securities as well as credit risk.

Dr. Madina Kukenova has also recently published joint-articles in Review of Finance and World Economy.