Alessandro Bianchi, Italian and Swiss, has completed an Italian Doctorate in Physics (Turin University, Italy), a MBA (New York University, USA), a Ph.D. in Business Administration and a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (Washington International University, USA). Alessandro is also a certified Master in Coaching (ICI Geneva, Switzerland).

Alessandro has enjoyed a progressive international, corporate planning, marketing research, logistics and business development career with Olivetti, the then famous Italian desk and information technology machines manufacturer. Alessandro also worked at the United Nations, in consulting and in export sales before being Managing Director with a hard disk manufacturer.

He started his academic career more than 20 years ago and has been a professor of management and communications in several Swiss based private business schools such as American College, Kurt Bosch, IFM, European University and AGSB.

Alessandro Bianchi is a very seasoned practicing academic in the disciplines of international commerce, marketing and communications.