There are plenty of things you can do to make your student life vibrant, memorable and harder at the same time. But who said it will be easy? Better not waste the opportunity to help your future self, and here’s what we suggest:

Plan your graduation

In order to easily surpass that little gap between still being a newly graduated student and a ready-to-go specialist, you’d better think a few steps ahead. Collect references from your mentors. In a survey, 70% of employers said they’d changed their mind about hiring a candidate because of their references. You should also consider whether you want to continue working at where you reside or maybe you think about moving on? Make a little research about studying/working visas you might need for your next journey and start collecting documents beforehand.

Gain work experience before graduating

It’s understandable that for a student the most precious thing is time. In fact, as soon as one graduates, there will be much less time to think about what to do. You’ll just have to do anything in order to simply live, meet your needs. In this case internship might become a chance for you to establish yourself as an employee in the future workplace. Build a portfilio, prepare CV and gather real cases you’d like to work with before showing your experience on an actual interview a few years later. By the time graduation comes, you’d better already have it all in your hands.


When, if not now? A student is a perfect candidate to spend some time on extra activities. This may be volunteering in hospitals, helping at the zoo, participating in environmental education projects, voluntary teaching at schools, – anything will be helpful not only to open your mind to everything new, but also to show and prove that you’re a well-natured person. Who won’t find it impressive that you’ve cared about so many meaningful things besides your own career? It’s harder to find time for such things as a full time worker.