According to the QS World University Rankings’ results in 2022, the 8th place among 1,300 universities from around the world, was awarded to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. They say this year’s university rankings are their largest ever. Getting a swiss diploma requires a certain level of ambition.

When international students think about their higher education, Switzerland turns out to be one of the most popular choices. As it is a country with a long tradition of higher education, there are a number of scholarships, (also, partial tuition fees) or programmes one can take based on the study degree they have already achieved. The federal institutions are aligned in structure to American universities, thus making it easier for foreign students to transfer there. Doctorates can only be obtained at universities and federal institutes of technology. Foundations and cantons also offer scholarships and in some cases, foreign students are eligible to apply. Some universities have slightly higher fees for non-Swiss students, though only a few at the top-end of the scale, charge them at least double the amount.

Overall, 16.9% of higher education enrolment in Switzerland came from abroad. The country also enjoys a high rate of PhD students; indeed, Swiss nationals have the highest rate of citizens in the world to hold doctoral degrees, which demonstrates the country’s academic excellence. Every year the opportunities for foreign students to integrate into Swiss universities increase as well as interest in Switzerland itself. We shouldn’t forget that Switzerland has four official languages(French, German, Italian and Romansh), which is why certain language fluency is required by the institution you want to enroll in.

In terms of categories by which universities are measured – research, knowledge, teaching and international outlook, institutions in Switzerland are ranked consistently high in their performance. Thus, the next fact about Swiss students is rather anticipated, – Swiss graduates usually are the best in the world in terms of their entrepreneurial skills. Getting higher education in Switzerland is a pretty reliable yet challenging task. It all depends on what you want to achieve and what you are going to do next.