SSHE is accredited by EduQua. EduQua is the first Swiss quality label geared towards providers of continuing education and training (CET) programmes.

The eduQua certification is open to all institutions in the field of continuing education and adult education meeting the prescribed basic quality assurance standard. It was established to promote transparency, comparability, and quality of continuing education offerings. Besides, it is reassuring to know that you are studying at an accredited university, where you can get a diploma of proven quality, right?

We strive to think outside the box, that is why our students’ needs will always be heard: different types of coaching are possible to arrange, allowing students to learn something outside of their curriculum, reinforced by a practical approach, through case studies and field projects.

We built such a system that you may take any course, short program or a full-time study degree regardless of your conditions. Whether you are a commencing entrepreneur, a professional of a specific field, or just a teenager or a person on maternity leave – it won’t be a problem to find the exact type of programme that will perfectly fit into your daily schedule. There’s no need to wait for a better time or to try looking for extra hours. You can learn right now right from out there!

We give our students the opportunity to try an exciting journey. Start in Switzerland and finish your studies in England thanks to a progression agreement with Essex University!

This is just about giving you the opportunity to enjoy your student life and have fun! More connections, bigger experience, more vivid memories to be made!

Students’ study plan and industry-specialist faculty are designed in a way that provides the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge about contemporary business world reality.

…and that’s not all, there are some more advantages that we provide to our students! We’ll tell you about them next time.

Remember our core values? We believe that with the new approach to the studying system, with a bit different way of delivering the information to our students, we’ll manage to create a community of specialists that work for the better of our future. With the teaching staff we found for our disciplines, you’ll be able to feel confident and know exactly what to do with your knowledge. No need to wait until you become a specialist, be one right now. We’ll help you find your passion.