Montreux, Switzerland is renowned for its picturesque backdrop of the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva – to which end the sun sets everyday. It comes as no surprise that this city is sought after and favored by habitants of Vaud where the opportunity presents itself to live here. Whether locals, expats or international students; the city’s real estate market caters adequately to all demographics of clientele.

Swiss School of Higher Education (SSHE) is proud be located in the heart of the city, no less than 30 meters direct access to the lakeside, and 800 meters to the city center. As an institute aimed at providing tailored learning with a purposefully modest student body count per semester, the campus itself does not accommodate living quarters or blocks for students on site. However, in direct anticipation of knowing most of our students (particularly international applicants) will require a place to call home during their studies and time in Switzerland, we have actively set in motion a range of options for each student to explore and find their home away from home.

SSHE has an ongoing collaboration / partnership with 4 housing agencies of different caliber, scale and price; which are all in or around the city of Montreux. These establishments offer fully furnished, weekly serviced and contemporary accommodation styles. Much like checking into a hotel, there is also onsite laundry, free Wi-Fi and private or communal kitchen facilities. All establishments have direct access to local modes of inner or intercity transportation and are within a maximum of 7 minutes away from the university (at the furthest location). The cost is typically between 1’000 CHF – 1’500 CHF per month (depending on the size, features, location, style etc. of the desired and available accommodation at the time of inquiry). Across the board of these 4 agencies, there is a wide selection of large contemporary rooms or studio spaces.

Depending on which accommodation agency is preferred by the student, there are additional facilities included in the monthly rental fee such as gyms, swimming pool’s, Spa’s, saunas, meeting rooms etc. This option of accommodation is typically sought after by the majority of students, as it presents the literal advantages similar to checking into, living in and checking out of a hotel. There is a clear demographic these establishments reach, and that is either students or young professionals. This gives our community and students the opportunity to make acquaintances and even friends outside of the classroom setting in an organic manner and safe environment.

However of course, for students who prefer a to inhabit an entire space by themselves such as an full apartment, house or chalet, we also offer active assistance with this. A dedicated member of our Administration team will assist step by step until the signing of a contract (whether from abroad, or upon physically arriving in Switzerland). It is worth highlighting that, this option is typically avoided by international students who do not desire to remain in Switzerland post their graduation, as 90% of apartment listings in Switzerland come completely unfurnished. This means you will need to essentially buy / rent everything for the apartment and sell / give it away afterwards; a notable investment and moderate hassle students tend to avoid if they can. However we offer assistance nonetheless if this is your preference, and we are happy to accommodate your exact criteria. The price range of this type of accommodation is on average between 800 CHF – 1’500 CHF per month.

Students have the Administration team at their disposal for any issues or general inquiries with their accommodation before and during their stay. Safety and security is of utmost importance and all listings are vetted according to this vital condition; providing for a comfortable and enjoyable stay in your temporary home.