Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world
From a farming-based economy in 1860 to a land of Start-Ups today, Vaud’s economy is now one of Switzerland’s biggest and fastest-growing, thanks to its large services sector, focus on niche markets, and diversified manufacturing base.

As of 2021, Switzerland takes 4th place among Top Happiest Countries in the World
It is a country where everything is voted on, from how many vacation days workers should have to how many immigrants should be allowed into the country, and referendums down to the local level happen many times a year.

It’s a Nobel Prize Machine
Switzerland is not only known for its banks but also for being a global player in the academic field.Swiss universities have produced numerous Nobel Laureates, and most of these Nobel Prize winners are scientists.

Switzerland has thousands of lakes
Switzerland happens to be home to more than 1,500 lakes and holds six per cent of Europe’s entire fresh water stock. Nearly all the cantons in Switzerland host lakes which serve as important recreational areas.