SSHE has introduced this fall semester a series of 4 industrial workshops for their students. The
fist two workshops took place on Monday November 19, 2018 in the new premises of the
school in Montreux.

The first workshop staged Massimo LECCI, Director of Strategy and Business Development with
Gramatec, a leading Swiss graphic arts and catalogues printing company. Massimo covered the
challenges facing this industry because of the digital developments. Important aspects of sub-
contracting and supply chain were also covered by the guest speaker who also shared his views
on entrepreneurship in SME companies.

The second workshop staged Sylvie Bourban, Music Performer and Professor, a graduate from
the world-renowned Boston Berklee School of Music. Sylvie covered the difficulties of
exercising an art profession, driven by passion but also confronted with economic realities of
life. She also covered the entrepreneurial spirit necessary at the various stages of CD
production as well the inspirational aspects of song music and lyrics writing.

SSHE is planning 2 other industrial workshops on December 10, 2018: biotechnology start-ups
and the high-end watch industry will be featured then.