Additional Tuition Information

General Conditions

  • By making the payment for the first year, the student enters into a contract with SSHE for the entire duration of the study program. The payment for the following years is automatically due, unless the student informs the administration of his/her intention to leave, at least one month prior to the beginning of the next academic semester.
  • All payments should be made in advance of the due date. Late payments will be subject to interest penalties
  • SSHE is not responsible for students outside of campus

Additional fees

  • Application and administration fee: 150 СHF.
  • Graduation fee: 300 CHF
  • Notary and Legislation fee for diplomas: 200 CHF or more (depending on pages.)
  • DHL service: 50 – 100 CHF or more (depending on country.)

Payment Information

We require full payment in advance in order to guarantee your reservation.

As well as standard IBAN transfer we accept the following types of payment:

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