Luxury Brand Management

Whether you are looking to work for a leading brand or wish to start your own company, this program will give you a needed skill-set to be an effective manager and start a career in the fashion and luxury industry.

The Bachelor in Luxury Brand Management program teaches students all aspects of managing a luxury brand – from marketing, strategic development to finance. It helps students understand how the products should be positioned, their role in the market, as well as how to analyze and maintain good relationship with customers. The program provides students with both luxury branding and business management skills.

The Master program in Luxury Brand Management is designed to develop understanding of the principles and practices of luxury brand management and give profound knowledge of economic management and business strategy with international focus. The program includes disciplines in luxury marketing, communication and event planning, brand management, retail, e-commerce and search for new trends. Graduates will be able to apply systematic and creative solutions for a range of challenges arising in the industry.


Some Core Courses in Luxury Brand Management:

Introduction to Microeconomics

Business Ethics


Globalization and International Business

Marketing Management

Digital Marketing

Customer Relationship Management

Social Business Management



Business Law I


Some Specialisation Courses in Luxury Brand Management:

Management in Luxury Goods

Advanced Luxury Product Design

Luxury Brand Analyses and Marketing Strategies

Luxury Quality Management



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