Doctorate Program

International Relations

The program of Doctorate of Business Administration allows students to deepen their knowledge in the studied specialisation by gaining both additional research methodologies and analysing practical cases in more detail. After completing the programs students can further develop their careers and target senior positions in Management.

Doctor of Business Administration in International Relations

The Doctorate in International Relations supports students in their choice to develop their careers in politics and international relationships fields. It provides students with additional instruments and methods that they will be able to integrate into practice in their workplaces. Such courses as Critical Thinking and Decision Making, Advanced Data Analysis, Strategic Leadership and others will contribute vastly to students’ problem solving capabilities and will help them to find new opportunities for their jobs. The courses in International Relations specialisation are designed with the consideration of current world conflicts and environmental issues that future generations need to find solutions to.

Language: English

Duration: 6 semesters

Start dates: October and February

Credits: 180 ECTS

Degree Awarded: Doctor of Business Administration in International Relations   


Courses for Doctorate of Business Administration in International Relations are divided into 3 main categories: Core courses (84 ECTS/21 courses) which are obligatory and Specialisation courses (56 ECTS/14 courses) which are introduced starting from the 1st semester of the program and Seminars and Workshops (10 ECTS). During the 4th Semester of the studies the student is obliged to prepare a Doctoral Dissertation (30 ECTS).


Program Details

Hours of Seminars


Here are some specialization courses you need to complete

Research Design & Planning
Doctoral Proposal
Organizational Behavior