Philippe Vedel, French, completed his MBA at IMD (Lausanne, Switzerland) after an MSc. in Electrical Engineering from INP (Grenoble, France).

Philippe enjoyed an early technical career in industry with companies such as Procter & Gamble and Lafarge Cements. Following that, he moved to Singapore, Pittsburgh (USA) and Torino (Italy) in progressive marketing, commercial and general management positions with Eaton Corp, a diversified industrial manufacturer, before becoming President of LEM Instruments in Geneva (Switzerland). After business development experiences with a start-up and a spin-off – both in the expanding digital technical world – in the UK, Philippe Vedel came back to the Lake Geneva area to initiate an academic and consulting career.

For four years, Philippe Vedel was MBA programme director for EDU Services (a leading private education group in France for bachelor and master levels), and on top of administering this programme, he started to lecture in international and digital marketing, international business development and entrepreneurship. Since 2015, Philippe is lecturer in three private Swiss business schools and added e-commerce and e-business to his portfolio of teaching specialties.

On the consulting side, Philippe Vedel has founded a company spreading knowledge management in the form of digital objects and is heavily involved in sales and business development counsel for start-up’s and SME’s.