Industrial workshops #3 and #4 of this fall semester 2018/19 have taken place on Monday December 10, 2018 in the premises of the Swiss School of Higher Education in Montreux.

Dr. Jean-Marc Leroux, General Manager of the Lake Geneva Eclosion Incubator for biotechnological start-ups, gave an overview of the pharmaceutical industry – medicines that do well and medicines that do not do so well in terms of patient care – and its move toward biotechnology to more and more replace more chemical approaches to drug development. Jean-Marc also covered the differences in biotechnological start-ups financing over the world and gave an inventory of support available to start-up companies in Switzerland.

Pascal Ravessoud, Business Development Manager and General Secretary to the Cultural Foundation of the High End Watch Industry Foundation, presented the emotional concepts linked to the high end watch industry, described the players in terms of positioning, and detailed the origins of some of the most iconic watches. He also underlined with passion the future of connected watches vs. luxury watches.

Based on the success of those industrial workshops, SSHE is planning to include 4 new industrial workshops in their spring semester programme 2018/2019.